Cloud Service Providers review

We understand that deciding on emerging technologies is not an easy task, and when QAD started looking for partners to provision cloud services a decade ago, there were few options. Today there are dozens of global CSPs and the competition is fierce. This is great for QAD’s cloud customers. It controls costs and forces the many CSPs to simultaneously invest in technology in pursuit of delivering excellent service levels.

Working With Cloud Service Providers

QAD, unlike several other ERP vendors, has decided not to work exclusively with only one CSP, although choosing one would have simplified our daily operations and support our footprint. We decided, however that a single CSP was not the best approach for our customers for the following reasons:  

  • Geography: some CSPs provide better service levels at different locations. QAD wants its customers to enjoy the best possible service levels regardless of manufacturing site location.
  • Compliance: some CSPs more readily meet compliance requirements, such as country-specific data residency, than others. QAD wants to simplify the meeting of infrastructure validation and compliance matters for its customers.  
  • Lock-in: just as QAD wants to avoid single sourcing technology if possible on our customers’ behalf, our philosophy is the same about cloud provisioning.

Currently QAD works with three global CSPs, for example IBM Cloud, and has certified three local CSPs including one for China.

What It Means To Be CSP-Agnostic

Using advanced automation, monitoring and big data analytics, QAD has developed its own preventative management layer that is CSP-agnostic. The cloud services arena is experiencing rapid innovation and QAD’s own management layer will make it easier for cloud customers to take rapid advantage of advancements.

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Tony Winter
With over 20 years in the ERP industry, Tony is responsible for driving QAD’s long-term technology, architecture and product release strategies. When he’s not leading the technology charge at QAD, you can find him spending time with his wife and four children. He also builds software-controlled devices and has a large collection of metal cast puzzles.