Consumer Products: QAD is Everywhere

When speaking to my friends and family about my career and company, sometimes it can be hard to relate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to someone who is so removed from the industry. I find that it’s usually best to take a step back and start with manufacturing. Afterall, that’s where all the action and excitement is! Sometimes I’ll hear, “Oh, so you’re a manufacturing company?” Not quite. My answer is something along the lines of, “QAD develops software to enable manufacturing companies to run their processes as effectively as possible.” When speaking to people outside of technology, it can be hard to visualize something as intangible as cloud software. It helps when explaining what we do to put it into context with things you can touch, such as the numerous consumer products that our customers manufacture.

Through our customers’ success, we are successful. We thrive off of each other’s excellence.

Celebrating Our Consumer Products Customers

To showcase our customers’ success, we have created a diagram that visually puts into perspective how QAD is everywhere. In the consumer products industry, QAD enables the manufacturing of things from furniture to shelving, toys to electronics and even skincare and jewelry. Take a look at our Consumer Products Industry Diagram to see how QAD plays a role in your everyday life.

Consumer Products Manufacturing Industry DiagramWe are very proud to share and display these diagrams to showcase our customers as well as the hard work that we put into our product here at QAD.

If you’re a consumer products manufacturer and don’t see your company listed, please leave a comment and we’ll get in touch with you!

Cloud ERP Built for Consumer Products Manufacturing

In today’s culture where instant gratification drives what consumers buy, it’s vital for manufacturers to stay ahead of the constant changes. Product development and replenishment life-cycles can shrink, supply chains feel the impact of every buying pattern shift, and manufacturers face tightening margins. In order to gain share and increase profit, consumer products companies must anticipate and meet customer demand on the shelf, while managing their margins and complying with ever-evolving safety and environmental regulations. With more than 700 consumer products sites live on QAD Cloud ERP in 60 countries, QAD knows manufacturing, and has solutions tailored specifically for your industry.