ERP Project Collaboration

As an administrator of an ERP system, it’s no secret that taking on ERP projects such as upgrades, new modules and new sites can be quite an undertaking. Who do you interact with first? Do you have a go-to partner for this, or do you need to research and interview consultants and advisors? As with any project, the footwork at the beginning can be time consuming and cumbersome.

Look no further than The Project Network.

The Project Network — Continuous Improvement Meets Collaboration

The Project Network brings QAD customers, partners and consultants together to enable collaboration and an open marketplace. Within the marketplace customers post ERP projects that they need assistance with, while partners and consultants bid on the jobs that they have the resources and desire to complete. Customers have the freedom to work out project costs between the vendors within or outside the network. It enables customers to apply a continuous improvement approach to their software without having to drain their internal time and resources.

Customers Have an Easy and Powerful Tool to Post ERP Projects

By leveraging the QAD ecosystem, customers can post ERP projects and find resources to help complete them through an easy-to-use website that includes the option to search resources by skills, experience and language. The power is put in the customer’s hands to find the partner or consultant that best fits the particular project.

ERP Partners and Consultants are Standing By

The QAD Project Network is also of great value to affiliated partners and consultants; they are able to bid on projects they are compatible with, engage directly with customers, enhance their skills and supplement their income along the way.

Ready to Access the Project Network?

If you are a current QAD customer, partner or consultant with a web account, you can access the Project Network. If you are an independent consultant, sign up for an account. Whether you’re posting ERP projects or looking for projects to work on, it’s easy to get started toward meeting your ERP goals. If you have any questions about the Project Network, please let us know. We look forward to working with you.