Comvita moves to cloud ERP

QAD has a long-time relationship with our customer Comvita, and when they decided they were ready to move to the cloud, we were thrilled to help them on their journey. This is their story.

Who is Comvita?

Founded in 1974 in New Zealand, Comvita is one of the leading manufacturers of Manuka honey and fresh-picked olive leaf extract in the world. Manuka honey is produced exclusively in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. With a mission to “improve people’s health and wellbeing by using the power of nature,” Comvita has a noble cause and certainly some unique challenges. Speaking of unique, did you know that honey is the only food created by insects with medicinal, therapeutic, cosmetic and nutritional value?

To The Cloud: Comvita Meets Their Challenges Head-On

One unique challenge they face is the demand for their product often exceeds the supply and they are always looking for new ways to increase yield. In recent years, Comvita has found new and innovative ways to expand their product lines. As a result, they know the value of an ERP system that can support that growth.

“The Comvita strategy is centered on profit growth, managing our operating costs while increasing our revenue,” states Comvita GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Dan Waugh. “As we grow, selling more products via new channels to consumers, our ERP system needs to support our growth effectively while the costs and resources required to run the system remain fixed. That is a great benefit of QAD.”

After almost 20 years with QAD and a couple of upgrades, a move to the cloud made perfect sense for Comvita. This would allow them to focus their resources on expanding the company and let QAD handle the ERP system in the cloud.

“Moving to the cloud has been very successful for Comvita. It’s giving us the scalability to grow and expand our business without having to deploy resources on expanding an on premise solution. Those resources are better used executing our strategic growth,” adds Waugh. Read the full story about Comvita’s upgrade to the cloud.

QAD Cloud ERP Solutions

Many of QAD customers have found similar success in a move to the cloud. Whether you’re looking to move your on premise solution to the cloud or want to keep some sites on premise and some in the cloud, QAD has a solution. Learn more about how QAD Cloud ERP can help you become an Effective Enterprise.