Who is Comvita?

Comvita Limited (Comvita), headquartered in New Zealand, is an international company specializing in natural health and skin care products — primarily premium-grade New Zealand Manuka honey. Its innovative range of products are sold both online and in 18 countries through a network of wholesale outlets and retail stores.

Comvita’s Challenge: Rapid Business Growth

Comvita recognized that they had some challenges with the rapid growth of their company. The bigger they got, they soon realized that their manufacturing and warehousing requirements also grew to be more complex. Feeling those growing pains, Comvita knew that they had to do something to build a foundation to make it easy and a success for their expanding business. According to John Hill, Comvita Corporate Development Manager, “We’re making sure we have an infrastructure that will enable us to keep up with 30 to 40 percent annual growth.”

Comvita Finds a Foundation for Growth in QAD Enterprise Applications

Comvita decided to roll out QAD Enterprise Appications with QAD Business Intelligence. They found that the QAD ERP solution allowed them to improve the quality and reliability of their manufacturing process. “We gained end-to-end visibility into our processes,” said Hill. “The ability to forecast purchasing requirements for materials has been impressive. We know who’s accessing the system; and we can see where our orders are in a moment’s notice.” QAD Enterprise Applications delivers a high degree of control over the manufacturing process. “Each department can control the information it requires.”

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A Cloud ERP Solution Built for Manufacturing

QAD Cloud ERP is designed exclusively for global manufacturing companies. Supporting best-in-class, industry-specific business processes, you can deploy it they way it works best for you. Deploy it in the cloud, on-premise, or as a blended model.