QAD’s roots are in Santa Barbara; it’s where our founder went to college (UCSB), where she met her husband and business partner (Karl, our CEO), started a family, and it’s where our company is headquartered. At QAD we take our corporate responsibility very seriously, and each year we enjoy giving back to the community through two programs: Project Upgrade and TeachNet.

Giving Back to the Community

At QAD, we are passionate about advancing students in technology; giving them the opportunity to be innovative, and having the right tools to follow through. That’s why we love awarding the Project Upgrade grants year after year. Earlier this year, four local schools were awarded Project Upgrade grants which led them to purchase 3D printers, laptops, robots, software programs, and much more to take their technology programs to the next level. The only thing we like more than awarding the grants, is when we visit later in the year to see how they have used the funds to improve their education. There’s nothing cooler than seeing kids with technology and see them genuinely excited about learning.

In addition, we also fund the QAD TeachNet Technology Grant Program, which offers grants for teachers who improve learning and achievement by addressing the issue of integrating technology in classrooms. Last year we were honored to award 13 TeachNet grants to educators in the Santa Barbara County public schools.

QAD is committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate. Our community giving program aligns closely with the company’s core values of partnership, integrity and commitment to excellence. It’s crucial to enable today’s students with the technology to help them excel in the future.

Do You Know a Candidate For Our Grants?

We’re currently taking submissions for the 2016 Project Upgrade grant. If you would like to submit your school as a candidate for a grant, please email us at:

To learn more about QAD, visit:


  1. If you have more time than money, volunteering may be a more effective and viable way of giving back to the community. Consider places you already spend a lot of time with, such as your child’s school or your congregation. Those who work, and give their time, in these local places can often use an hour or two from volunteers to take extra tasks off their hands.