Bart Reitter, Director of Life Sciences at QAD, wants to be sure that medical device manufacturers are asking the right questions before choosing a Cloud ERP solution. There are many factors in play when making the transition to the cloud, especially with medical device manufacturing companies. They cannot pick just any solution, they need software that is built exclusively for their industry. The medical device industry deals with unique security, regulatory, and validation requirements, and this should be addressed in the solution.

Asking the Right Questions

In order to help medical device manufacturers find their way through the Cloud ERP selection process, Bart has developed four questions to ask ERP vendors to ensure confidence in the final selection. These questions range from the vendor’s definition of “cloud,” security, compliance, and benefits. Read Bart’s entire article in Medical Design Technology for more information.

Cloud ERP Built for Life Sciences

QAD offers Cloud ERP solutions built exclusively for life sciences manufacturers. We know that if you’re in the life sciences industry, you are faced with a tightening regulatory environment, increasing cost pressures, and supply chain complexities. QAD Cloud ERP enables medical device, biopharmaceutical, and contract manufacturers to focus on what matters most: innovation, product quality, and patient safety.

Learn more about the QAD Cloud ERP solutions designed for life sciences:

Meet Bart

Bart is a 20-year veteran of the enterprise software industry with a deep focus in life sciences. When he’s not heading up QAD’s life sciences global strategy, you can find him playing lead guitar in a classic rock cover band or spending time with his adorable daughters. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.