QAD Channel Islands UI

Reinventing the Life Sciences User Experience

A reinvented user experience and modern solution architecture can serve as the platform to drive inefficiencies and non-compliance out of the system and simplify operations.
Factivity MES System

Do you need an MES for your factory floor?

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Royal Agio Unifies Their Enterprise with QAD ERP

Who is Royal Agio Cigars? Royal Agio Cigars (Agio Cigars) is one of the leading cigar manufacturers in Europe. The  company produces more than 750 million cigars per year distributed in more...
elhi customer case study

ELHI Moves to the Cloud to Focus on their Core Business, Not their ERP

Who is ELHI? Headquartered in The Netherlands, ELHI Polymer Moulding supplies high-end plastic components to OEMs in a number of industries including automotive, electronics, and medical. ELHI’s customer relationships and satisfaction are...