Saturday, July 4, 2020
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

Metalsa's Relationship with QAD ERP

A Relationship of Trust and Reliability with QAD ERP

Metalsa, a privately held Mexico-based automotive components manufacturer founded in 1956, is no stranger to QAD ERP. We’ve been working together for nearly two decades to help Metalsa grow their business,...
Celebrate Manufacturing Day 2016

Attend A Manufacturing Day Event

Manufacturing Day will be here before you know it. It not only reminds us of the amazing products produced in factories around the world, but it also highlights the many jobs...
Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems Improve Business

When Saft found themselves competing in a marketplace with exacting and varying client and industry standards, along with a large list of certifications to maintain, they decided it was time to...
ERP Implementation during constant change

Successful ERP Implementation During Constant Change

In a recent episode of The Peggy Smedley Show, QAD CMO, Carter Lloyds, explained the nature of QAD’s customer-engagement program, which is crucial to our vision of an Effective Enterprise. What...
Manufacturing Day 2016

We’re Proud to Endorse Manufacturing Day 2016

At QAD we take pride in manufacturing. If you're setting up a manufacturing firm, you can always use Elcan Industries processing services while you set up. Afterall, we get to see...
Excel Ray Vision

Manufacturing Superheros and eXcel-Ray Vision

Nearly every manufacturing facility that I have ever visited has superheroes. These individuals are the ones that on a daily basis, squeeze one more production order into an already overbooked production...
s&op is back

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Back and Better Than Ever!

Twenty plus years ago, one of the hot topics in manufacturing was Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Word got out into the market that a few of the larger manufacturers were...
Wesco is building the Effective Enterprise

WESCO’s Central Source of Information is Critical for Success

Founded in 1975 as a family business in western Europe, WESCO is now an international leader in children’s development products. Their vision is that every child has the right to grow...
3D Printing for Medical Devices

Is 3D Printing the Wave of the Future?

The medical device industry has a proven and storied history of innovation. One of the more recent trends in that evolution is the concept of additive manufacturing or 3D printing. Unlike...
Renolit updates their ERP system

Benefit From Utilizing The Best ERP System Based On Production Needs

When choosing an ERP system, one size does not fit all companies, it also doesn’t fit all business units for that matter. In the case of RENOLIT, they are able to...

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