Monday, February 17, 2020
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

sharp packaging relies on serialization

Sharp Packaging Utilizes Serialization in the Cloud

By utilizing their ERP solution in the cloud, Sharp was able to align their organization’s business practices, quality and financial systems quickly and readily all under the same ERP system.
mmog/le and supply chain risk

MMOG/LE: The Best Plans for the Worst Case Scenario

MMOG/LE can help your company reduce inventory and freight costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Nexteer Automotive Uses QAD Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP Allows Nexteer to Focus on Technology

Nexteer’s ERP system operates in the cloud, and that solution has made it an easy process for growing their applications in an efficient manner.
Automotive Risk Management Strategies

Prepare For The Unknown With Automotive Risk Management Strategies

From 2011’s tsunami in Japan and 2012’s fire at a German resin supplier to several years of severe Midwest U.S. snowstorms...

Customer Showcase: A few of the best-in-class

At this past Explore in early May, we debuted four new customer showcases, each very unique in what they do, where they do it, and how they achieve success.
medical device

Medical Devices: An Industry in Transition

As we look to the future, the medical device industry faces a world of opportunity.

Explore 2016: You and Us and Mind-Boggling Change

Last week, we wrapped up one of the largest and most successful Explore customer conferences held by QAD.

The Cat in the Hat and the Internet of Thing 1 and Thing 2...

It is hard to imagine anything getting more buzz in the manufacturing world than the Internet of Things (IoT). There are blogs upon blogs and articles upon articles about connecting to smart machines and devices. This connection will foster the harvesting of extreme amounts of data that will allow us to garner unparalleled understanding and push towards unprecedented benefits. IoT is the “bit of fun” that has arrived to brighten the dull manufacturing floor.

QAD Enterprise Edition: Its Time Has Come

QAD Explore wouldn’t be possible without the support of our wonderful Sponsors.  During the last couple of weeks, we have featured three of our Explore Sponsors as contributors on the QAD...
Avalara Tax Automation

Business execs weigh in: sales tax automation is a must for scale, growth

QAD Explore wouldn’t be possible without the support of our wonderful Sponsors. For the next two weeks, we will feature three of our Explore Sponsors as contributors on the QAD Blog. They have prepared several informative articles around manufacturing, tax automation and the benefits of upgrading your ERP solution.

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