Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

New revenue recognition rules are coming soon.

New Revenue Recognition Rules Are Coming Soon

New revenue recognition rules will soon be taking effect, and they may have a significant impact that complicates revenue recognition for manufacturers. A Step Back: The Current Situation of Revenue Recognition The objective...
Skills Gap and Online Education

Can Online Education Bridge The Skills Gap?

At the end of last year, we highlighted an innovative new way companies could address the skills gap by having employees continue their education online through top institutions. I was fortunate...
Scosche is benefiting from QAD Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP Lets Scosche Concentrate On Their Product Line

QAD Customer and award-winning innovator of portable electronics accessories and car audio hardware, Scosche, is located in Oxnard, CA, just down the road from our corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara. Founded...
manufacturing fries

Manufacturing Food: Do You Know How Frozen Fries Are Made?

Have you ever seen the show, "How It's Made?" It's a great look at the manufacturing process of many of the products we use every day. In my role, as part...
Benefits of Cloud EDI

Meet EDI Requirements While Concentrating On Core Business

When an automotive supplier finds themselves spending significant time meeting the mission-critical requirement of exchanging error-free Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information with the major carmakers, how can they focus on their...
The Medical Device Industry and 3D Printing

Has 3D Printing Reached Its Medtech Promise?

We can all agree that 3D printing has potential for massive benefits for the medical device industry, but Bart Reitter, Director of Life Sciences at QAD, argues that it has not...
Autonomous Cars

Five Ways Autonomous Cars Will Change Global Supply Chains

The innovation of autonomous cars / self-driving vehicles is really speeding up. Uber recently announced that they were starting to pilot self driving cars in Pittsburgh. Ford claims that by 2021...
Comvita moves to the cloud

Everyone’s Buzzing About Comvita’s Move to the Cloud

QAD has a long-time relationship with our customer Comvita, and when they decided they were ready to move to the cloud, we were thrilled to help them on their journey. This...
Implementing Six Sigma

The Pros and Cons of Implementing Six Sigma

Motorola’s new business strategy of adopting Six Sigma was received with mixed reactions back in 1986. While some saw it as a revolutionary strategy that would significantly improve efficiency, others dismissed...
Lasko and inventory management

Inventory Management Helps Lasko Manage Mother Nature’s Unpredictability

Who is Lasko? Lasko Products, Inc. is the North American market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of electric fans and ceramic heaters. For over 100 years, they’ve been building home comfort...

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