Saturday, July 4, 2020
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

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COVID-19’s Immediate Impact on the Automotive Supplier Industry

The onset of COVID-19 arrived at a time when the global automotive industry was already in a state of tumult, with suppliers and automakers looking at a future defined by electrification,...
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Actionable Insights: Fixed Assets

In our previous Actionable Insights blog, we discussed the Operating Expenses Action Center. Next, we will provide an overview of the Fixed Assets Action Center as well as the associated key...
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Doing Business in Singapore

The Malaysian island of Singapore was originally known as Temasek (“Sea Town”) after the first settlers found it in AD 1298-1299. The small island would later be given a new name...
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Manage Manufacturing & Supply Disruptions During COVID-19

A pandemic associated with widespread business disruption can so easily shape the future for manufacturers and suppliers. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, big changes are already happening, such as an...
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Sugar Beet Shortages Could Impact Food and Beverage Manufacturing

One October, when I was about 10 years old, my family and I traveled from the east coast of the United States to Michigan for a relative’s wedding. As we were...
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Actionable Insights: Operating Expenses

In our previous Actionable Insights blog, we discussed the Customer Support Action Center. Next, we will provide an overview of the Operating Expenses Action Center as well as the associated key...
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Doing Business in Switzerland

The Swiss Confederation became independent from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499. A constitutional government replaced the Confederation in 1874. Switzerland has a history of neutrality and was not involved in...
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5 Ways Blockchain is Changing the Automotive Industry

Blockchain, a technology famous for its application in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is being explored by automakers as a way to improve security in increasingly connected vehicles. As the average car gets...
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Is Business ‘Transformation’ a Dirty Word?

Most companies do not truly want to transform. When I say "want," I mean the want that goes beyond some executive meetings and e-learning classes. The kind of want that goes...
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Manufacturing ERP Plays a Key Role for Sustainability

Sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years and is now a vital component of many organizations’ social, economic and environmental efforts. As an example, look no further than Microsoft’s announcement...

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