Monday, February 17, 2020
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

automotive, automotive cybersecurity, cybersecurity, connected vehicles

The Growing Need for Automotive Cybersecurity

As we advance into the new decade and the automotive industry continues to move forward with electric, autonomous and connected vehicles, we know that some doors are closing. Cars are less...
competitive advantage, hot air balloons, adaptive ERP, ERP, industry change

How an Adaptive ERP Helps to Create Competitive Advantage

Gone are the days when the size of a business determined its success. Just as oceans and seas form the coastlines of the world, industry change forms business viability. The longer...
Thailand, business, manufacturing, economy, skyline

Doing Business in Thailand

Once known as Siam, Thailand became a constitutional monarchy in 1932. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country not colonized by a European power. Thailand borders the Andaman Sea and the Gulf...
action center, purchasing, spending

Actionable Insights: Purchasing Commitments and Spending

In our previous Actionable Insights blog, we discussed QAD’s Inventory Value Action Center. Next, we will provide an overview of the Purchasing Commitments and Spending Action Center as well as the...
tablet, patient-centered care, doctor, diagnosis

Patient-centered Care a Focus for Med Device Manufacturers

If you’re a medical device manufacturer, your main goal is to produce innovative products that help people. But as the need for more personalized medicine grows, so does the need for...
Poland, business, map

Doing Business in Poland

Poland has become a democratic, market-oriented country after many years of communism and the lingering effects of invasion during World War ll. The country joined NATO in 1999 and later became...
real-time information, tablet, shop floor, technology, robots

Real-time Information Increasingly Important for Manufacturers

Digital transformation strategies are delivering more responsive solutions and real-time information to change the way organizations operate. Consider a story from Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s book, Everybody Lies on the topic of big...
climate change, wind turbines, innovation, manufacturing

Climate Change will Drive Manufacturing Innovation

The world is getting warmer. Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and intense. Climate change pressure is building for governments, businesses and individuals to “do something.” Manufacturing isn't exempt from this...
locally grown products, food, pastries, food and beverage

How Locally Grown Products are Disrupting F&B Manufacturing

There is a developing trend that has been gaining steam in recent years that has the potential to seriously impact and “disrupt” food and beverage manufacturing. That trend has been referred...
fixed assets, fixed asset management, tablet, office

How Effective Fixed Asset Management Contributes to Profitability

Fixed Assets and Accounting: Much More than a ‘Nice to Have’ Honestly, fixed asset management and the related accounting is a rather dry subject - unless you are a CEO, CFO, COO,...

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