Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

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What’s the “Big ERP” vs “Big Maintenance” Feud All About?

One of the bigger manufacturing business systems-related news of the past few years was SAP’s announcement that it is terminating support in 2025 for its widely used ECC 6 ERP platform....
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CPG Businesses Turning to M&A Activity for Success

Players in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry have been challenged with finding new ways to keep up with today's disruptive environment to meet the requirements of today’s informed and tech...
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A “Good” Digital Transformation Strategy is Not Good Enough

Digital transformation. It’s a term that is keeping manufacturers on their toes, and one that has some companies going back to the strategy drawing board. The digital transformation of manufacturing is...
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How to Improve the Execution of Manufacturing Strategies (Pt. II)

In “How to Improve the Execution of Manufacturing Strategies (Pt. I),” we discussed reviewing the execution capability of a manufacturing strategy, the first of two steps to improve the chances of...
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Actionable Insights: CFO Action Center for Financial Analysis

In our previous Actionable Insights blog, we provided an overview of QAD Action Centers, our role-based dashboards featuring real-time actionable insights, and discussed the ways in which they differ from traditional...
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Doing Business in Spain

Spain has served as a global model of freedom and human rights since the peaceful transition to democracy after former Head of State and dictator Francisco Franco’s death in 1975. Although...
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How to Improve the Execution of Manufacturing Strategies (Pt. I)

Manufacturers’ strategies don’t always deliver hoped-for results. In this article, we’ll consider the first of two simple steps to reduce risk and improve the chances of a successful manufacturing strategy. Developing a...
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Smart Manufacturing with a New Generation of ERP

What has your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system done for you lately? While your thoughts on the subject may be lost in the back of your mind, the fact is that...
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Shifting the Focus from B2B to B2B2C

What's the future for the business middleman? Will eCommerce render wholesalers and distributors obsolete by letting manufacturers talk directly to their end users? It's easy to think so when watching a...
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Forecasting Peak Automotive Production

With the age of car-sharing, battery-powered fleets and self-driving cars quickly approaching, many automakers are trying to reinvent themselves into mobility companies. This is taking place more as young people in urban...

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