Friday, January 24, 2020
Innovation + Technology

Innovation + Technology

Autonomous Cars

Five Ways Autonomous Cars Will Change Global Supply Chains

The innovation of autonomous cars / self-driving vehicles is really speeding up. Uber recently announced that they were starting to pilot self driving cars in Pittsburgh. Ford claims that by 2021...
My future in technology.

My Future In Technology

One of the great things about working for a global company is the impact you can have in your local city, be that at the QAD headquarters in Santa Barbara or...
IoT in Medical Devices

IoT for Medical Devices — Connected Eyeballs?

When I heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), I immediately pictured connected home devices and had visions of the "Jetsons;" toasters and coffeemakers connected to my snooze button. However, the...
3D Printing for Medical Devices

Is 3D Printing the Wave of the Future?

The medical device industry has a proven and storied history of innovation. One of the more recent trends in that evolution is the concept of additive manufacturing or 3D printing. Unlike...
Stratus Award Logo

QAD Wins the Stratus Award for Cloud Company of the Year

QAD just won the 2016 Stratus Award for Cloud Company of the Year. If you’re not familiar with this award, the Stratus Awards recognize companies and individuals innovating in the cloud...

The Cat in the Hat and the Internet of Thing 1 and Thing 2...

It is hard to imagine anything getting more buzz in the manufacturing world than the Internet of Things (IoT). There are blogs upon blogs and articles upon articles about connecting to smart machines and devices. This connection will foster the harvesting of extreme amounts of data that will allow us to garner unparalleled understanding and push towards unprecedented benefits. IoT is the “bit of fun” that has arrived to brighten the dull manufacturing floor.
QAD Channel Islands UI

Reinventing the Life Sciences User Experience

A reinvented user experience and modern solution architecture can serve as the platform to drive inefficiencies and non-compliance out of the system and simplify operations.
internet of things (iot)

3 Examples of IoT Redefining Manufacturing Right Now

In what’s being touted as the coming of the next Industrial Revolution, the Internet of Things, (IoT), or the Internet of Everything, is changing manufacturing processes in ways that could hardly have been conceived of just a few years ago.

Why Manufacturing Needs to Reinvent Itself — Fast!

Lots of people think that the world of manufacturing is one that is still on the downswing; that it hasn't kept up; that North American organizations are falling behind their global...
Making an Outstanding UX

What Makes an Outstanding UX

What makes the programs and apps with a quality UX stand out is that they get the job done, make it easy for you, and also create an enjoyable experience.

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