Saturday, July 4, 2020
Innovation + Technology

Innovation + Technology

IoT and Manufacturing

What Does IoT Mean for Manufacturers?

We all know it’s good to stay current on innovative trends, but knowing what’s going to make an impact vs. what’s just a passing fad can be the hard part. Have...
Interoperability and the API Economy

Technology Reviews: Interoperability and the API Economy

Interoperability technologies have swung in and out of favor over the last few years. The most recent trend has been fueled by the proliferation of APIs from cloud-based products coupled with...
Ray Kurzweil at QAD Explore

Ray Kurzweil: Inventor, Author, Futurist, and Explore Keynote Speaker

Forbes called him “the ultimate thinking machine.” He was selected as one of the top entrepreneurs and “rightful heir to Thomas Edison” by Inc. magazine. He is the recipient of the...
HTML5 and QAD Customers

Technology Reviews: HTML5 and In-Memory Database

As we build solutions for our customers, we take into account the many emerging technologies associated with ERP solutions, and it is no easy task deciding what to pursue. Two areas...
Cloud Service Providers review

Technology Reviews: Cloud Service Providers

We understand that deciding on emerging technologies is not an easy task, and when QAD started looking for partners to provision cloud services a decade ago, there were few options. Today...
The Legacy of Henry Ford

Henry Ford: Hero of Horseless Carriages, Zero Emissions and Driverless Cars

It's almost undebatable: no one is better known in the world of manufacturing for automotive than Henry Ford. You could argue that some were more influential or innovative, but if you...
Cloud ERP Review

Technology Reviews: Cloud ERP

QAD takes technology innovation very seriously, and although we want to stay current and provide the best for our customers, we want to make sure that we’re investing in the right...
Deciding on emerging technologies

Decision Factors for Adopting Emerging Technologies

Whether it’s in QAD’s internal systems or the product delivered to customers, QAD is committed to innovation in all aspects of business. Sorting through all of the information about innovation is...
When you have too much information about innovation.

What To Do When You Have Too Much Information About Innovation

Do you feel overwhelmed by the endless stream of technology innovation? You’re not alone. It’s easy to become confused about which new technologies or trends are useful and which are passing...
The Medical Device Industry and 3D Printing

Has 3D Printing Reached Its Medtech Promise?

We can all agree that 3D printing has potential for massive benefits for the medical device industry, but Bart Reitter, Director of Life Sciences at QAD, argues that it has not...

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