Customer Success

Customer Success

Second Sight's benefits from an ERP upgrade

Increase Your Operational Efficiency with a Six-Week ERP Upgrade

When Second Sight Medical Products was founded, they were mostly concerned with how to develop their new technology to restore sight. Afterall, that is a huge and very commendable undertaking. As...
Metalsa's Relationship with QAD ERP

A Relationship of Trust and Reliability with QAD ERP

Metalsa, a privately held Mexico-based automotive components manufacturer founded in 1956, is no stranger to QAD ERP. We’ve been working together for nearly two decades to help Metalsa grow their business,...
Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems Improve Business

When Saft found themselves competing in a marketplace with exacting and varying client and industry standards, along with a large list of certifications to maintain, they decided it was time to...
Wesco is building the Effective Enterprise

WESCO’s Central Source of Information is Critical for Success

Founded in 1975 as a family business in western Europe, WESCO is now an international leader in children’s development products. Their vision is that every child has the right to grow...
Renolit updates their ERP system

Benefit From Utilizing The Best ERP System Based On Production Needs

When choosing an ERP system, one size does not fit all companies, it also doesn’t fit all business units for that matter. In the case of RENOLIT, they are able to...
Decor uses QAD BI to build their Effective Enterprise

BI Helps Decor Transform Raw Data to Valuable Information

Who is Decor? Headquartered just outside of Melbourne, Australia, Decor has been manufacturing kitchenware, picnicware, gardenware, brushware and baby-care products for more than 55 years. They distribute about 450 products to major...
sharp packaging relies on serialization

Sharp Packaging Utilizes Serialization in the Cloud

By utilizing their ERP solution in the cloud, Sharp was able to align their organization’s business practices, quality and financial systems quickly and readily all under the same ERP system.
Nexteer Automotive Uses QAD Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP Allows Nexteer to Focus on Technology

Nexteer’s ERP system operates in the cloud, and that solution has made it an easy process for growing their applications in an efficient manner.

Customer Showcase: A few of the best-in-class

At this past Explore in early May, we debuted four new customer showcases, each very unique in what they do, where they do it, and how they achieve success.

Royal Agio Unifies Their Enterprise with QAD ERP

Who is Royal Agio Cigars? Royal Agio Cigars (Agio Cigars) is one of the leading cigar manufacturers in Europe. The  company produces more than 750 million cigars per year distributed in more...