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If you were one of over 800 attendees who made it to Explore 2018, you learned about what we do as a provider of cloud-based ERP and supply chain software solutions and services, how we identify the needs and challenges of manufacturers and most importantly, why we do all that we do at QAD. You also explored with us the major developments in artificial intelligence and robotics with Singularity University’s Neil Jacobstein, navigated manufacturing technologies with IDC’s Bob Parker and delved into the future of cybersecurity for manufacturers with IBM’s Bob Kalka. Although, if you weren’t able to make it to Explore this year, don’t worry, y’all – we have you covered.

Our focus for this year’s customer conference was change, and if you embarked on the journey with us in Dallas, you may have gathered that we are in the business of change. Yes, we make the cloud and on-premise software that manufacturers implement in order to make their operations more efficient and better aligned with their strategic goals – put simply, we exist to solve manufacturing problems. But we are more than that. Change is a growing risk for many but it’s also a growing opportunity.

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As we move into an age of advanced technologies via Industry 4.0, our focus is hard set on designing and building a platform that is capable of supporting these advances and the changing landscapes in which they live. Developing technologies like robotics, additive manufacturing and augmented reality are set to disrupt the supply chain and transform factories sooner than we think. With the trickle-feed integration of these technologies and the onset of an industry-wide digital transformation, the concept of smart factories is maturing. It’s hard to imagine a world without any manufacturing problems, but we know we can better prepare you for the challenges and benefits to come with our business intelligence products.

As described by QAD President and Founder Pam Lopker, the underlying concept for the QAD Enterprise Platform is the move from full service to self service with improvements in cost, speed, quality and in particular, end-user access. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is now common practice for many types of providers with the rapid rollout of new and robust applications every day. There are so many exciting customer use cases we’re seeing across our vertical markets, including ways in which advanced technologies add support and the steps QAD is taking to support its customers now and into the future.

These topics and more were covered in the Explore 2018 Presentations.

Watch the Customer Showcase Videos

Each year at Explore, and in addition to our annual customer awards, we celebrate our amazing customers by debuting a new collection of customer showcase videos. This year, we featured videos for Amtico, Brose Thailand, Dana Colombia, Tower International and Wander AG – all of whom have turned to QAD to help build their effective enterprise. The significance of our customer showcase videos lies less in the actual software and more in the recognition of what is most important to them – building amazing products and serving their respective customers and markets. After all, we believe manufacturing is about turning great ideas into great products.

Check out our collection of Explore 2018 Videos and experience some of the hard work that has gone into making Explore, well, Explore. A very special thank you goes out to all of our participating customers!

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Now, on to the best part of Explore – the people. Explore would not be possible without all of our valued customers, partners, sponsors, experts and presenters. We are so appreciative of everyone who came out to Dallas, and although we can only share some of the great memories we made, take a look through our Explore 2018 Photo Album and reminisce with us.

We, of course, encourage everyone who hasn’t already to connect with us on social media and share your Explore photos by using the hashtag #QADExplore. Again, thank you for joining us at Explore, and we hope to see you next year in New Orleans!

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