Wander Upgrades their ERP Technology

Wander Ltd. is a Swiss food and beverage manufacturer, best known for their wide variety of Ovomaltine-based products. Wander’s history dates back to 1865; they have 250 employees at their manufacturing location in Neuenegg, close to Bern, Switzerland. They’re part of TwiningsOvo group within Associated British Foods (ABF).

Outdated Technology in a Changing Market

Wander has been a very successful company for many years with their core Ovomaltine powder, but the market has changed around them. “We need to consistently create new products to keep our factory in Switzerland recognized as an important brand differentiator,” said Ueli Trachsel, finance & IT manager of Wander. “We need to have the right technology to be efficient both in production and cost management now and in the future.”

With a dated ERP version, dissatisfaction with the user interface, outdated forecasting/production planning, heightened operating costs and a need to improve productivity and efficiency, Wander was looking for an answer to change their direction.

Benefits of Upgraded Technology

Wander recognized that they would need to propose a way to offset the investment of a new ERP system to replace the aging system currently in place. By adopting a value assessment approach, they determined the best choices for maximizing Wander’s technology investment. Through a Q-Scan, Wander discovered that they would greatly benefit from an upgrade of their ERP system.

The first and most immediate benefit Wander saw with the installation of the upgraded ERP system was the elimination of the platform risks associated with their outdated system. Operating costs were also reduced, and Wander now has a richer functionality than was available before.

“Our long-term relationship with QAD really helped during the project,” said Trachsel. “They understand our needs and how the product addresses those needs — it’s what really made the project successful.”

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