Do you know how pet food is made?

Have you ever seen the show, “How It’s Made?” It’s a fun look at the manufacturing process of many of the products we use every day. In my role, as manager of the Customer Success Marketing program, I’m constantly looking at our customers in search of the next success story to share, and I love researching what they make. We serve such a wide spectrum of industries, and each is so unique in their manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Pet Food and Treats

We recently traveled to Germany to meet with our customer, Rondo Food. Rondo is a fourth-generation run manufacturer of dog and cat treats. While at Rondo’s headquarters, we talked about their manufacturing processes, what drives them and how they benefit from using QAD ERP software. Watch this video and learn more about Rondo and how they’re becoming an Effective Enterprise.

As I was giving my kittens some treats after a long day of doing whatever cats do, I couldn’t help but think of Rondo. It’s interesting to take a step back and think about the journey our goods have taken to get to us (and our cats). Pet food and treats for example, what do they start as before finally becoming the adorably shaped biscuit I’m giving my cat? For those of you not lucky enough to visit a pet treat manufacturer, this episode of “How It’s Made: Dog and Cat Food” will have to do.

Although the video isn’t Rondo’s manufacturing process or recipe, it provides a good idea of how pet food is made. It all starts with grinding up grains and cereals to create a powder. This meal is steamed and pushed through an extruder to be cut into shaped pieces. From there, the food pieces are cooked and cooled. Finally, they’re sprayed with fat and flavoring to appeal to pets. It’s at this point that they’re quality checked and sent to storage or packaging.

Did you know that cats and dogs are picky eaters? The pet food industry has learned that the pieces need to be a certain size to ensure our pets chew and digest the food properly. They also need to have the right consistency, if the food bits are too mushy or too hard, our pets may reject it. Even the amount of meat flavoring can put a pet off it’s dinner!

ERP Built for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

QAD understands that no two companies are alike and a one-size ERP solution doesn’t fit all either.  We have specialized expertise in six specific industries — learn more about QAD Cloud ERP built just for your industry.