omplexity in global supply chains

With all of the changes experienced by the consumer products industry over the last several years, older methods for matching supply to demand are no longer as effective as they used to be. Luc Janssen, senior director of R&D, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions at QAD, asks you to consider some of the recent disruptions currently facing consumer products manufacturers, such as:

  • Customer experience — customers have the power of the internet and various types of retail to research and find what they want, so tracking demand has become more difficult.
  • Product variety and volume — short product lifecycles and the demand for customization have skyrocketed in recent years.
  • Regulations — tougher regulations and safeguards are on consumers’ minds and extend far beyond finished products to distribution and manufacturing.
  • Consumer expectation — with online reviews and research, consumers are pickier than ever. The demand for high quality and superb customer service is changing how we manufacture.

Handling the Current Nature of Complex Supply Chains

Combined with the need to keep costs down, these upheavals challenge consumer product manufacturers when it comes to synchronizing demand and supply chains as well as integrating supply chain planning. This leads consumer products manufacturers to ask themselves how they plan on ensuring excellent customer service, how they can be as efficient as possible and how they can most effectively manage their inventory. These questions are difficult to answer, especially when you’re challenged with keeping up with the day-to-day deadlines and expectations of running your business.

Read more about these trends and questions as well as hear what Luc has to say when it comes to addressing the issues in his recent article, “How Consumer Products Companies Can Cope With Growing Supply Chain Complexity” in Supply Chain Brain.

QAD Cloud ERP for Consumer Products

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