Comvita is an early adopter of QAD Channel Islands

Comvita is a well-known producer of manuka honey based in New Zealand, a long-term QAD customer and now a QAD Channel Islands early adopter. Channel Islands, QAD’s next generation user experience, was first announced at Explore 2015. Fast forward two years, and we just completed Explore 2017 in Detroit where Comvita participated in a session sharing their success as an early adopter of Channel Islands.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to speak with the team at Comvita and learn about their values, passion and processes. While with Comvita, we shot a customer success video, take a look and learn more about Comvita.

Comvita Buzzes into the Future as an Early Adopter of the QAD Channel Islands UX

Comvita recently upgraded to QAD Cloud ERP which made them eligible to be an early adopter of the Channel Islands UX. Channel Islands provides Comvita an adaptable and device-independent user experience, personalized for each activity and user to increase efficiency, simplify task completion and provide insight for decision-making.

Rather than simply replacing a user interface, the Channel Islands initiative offers Comvita an updated architecture for QAD Cloud ERP and related solutions resulting in a modern UX with full support for mobility and the flexibility to support new user experience requirements as they arise.

QAD Channel Islands InitiativeTaking advantage of an API-based architecture, Channel Islands offers Comvita the option of using a HTML5 user interface that supports mobile access out of the box – which means Comvita’s QAD Cloud ERP and related QAD solutions can run anywhere, anytime and on any device with a modern browser. Read the full story on Comvita’s success as an early adopter of the Channel Islands UX.

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