Collaboration is defined as the action of working between two or more entities to produce or create something. Many of us see collaboration as a critical tool in a world where head spinning change has become the rule in modern manufacturing.

We build information and business systems designed with better transparency to allow others to more clearly understand plans and current states. We build devices and point of use appliances that share vital information in real time as part of our IoT initiatives. Our software systems have open interfaces and APIs that stand ready to exchange information. We have business process workflows that automate agreement and assure concurrence. We go through cycles of organizational change that are designed to break down walls and foster cooperation.

Collaboration: Toward a Shared Vision

Despite our best efforts, we still seem to have work to do to get to that shared vision. It seems as though  everyone at the plant is still talking about getting to “one version of the truth” or a desire to have clearer vision into the true requirements. I don’t think that more collaboration enabling layers of technology is always the answer.

At the risk of being trite, I think there is a reason that you can’t spell collaboration without “labor.” Collaboration is real work. It’s not just work in the passive sharing of infinite sets of data; the work is in the understanding of what information is valued between the entities and why it is valued.

A Commitment to Collaboration

This open sharing starts with not just system design and details. It starts with the established review and refresh of goals and adjustments made for the evolving status quo. As markets, technology and even individual companies change, QAD is committed to regular check-ins to keep customers on track to maintain high productivity and effectiveness. Did you know that over the last four years, we have spent over 20,000 days focused on our Customer Engagement Program at no cost to our customers? Our customers’ investment in ERP and associated business-critical systems is too important not to be part of a continual discussion.

Take a look at this video about the specific challenges and needs of flexible packaging manufacturers, and how QAD solutions can meet those challenges to help you become an Effective Enterprise.