Take a closer look at new nutrition labels

Are you aware of the revisions the U.S. federal government made to nutrition labels? Just last year changes were announced that will create both challenges and opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers. The largest change requires companies to show the amount of sugar added to products in the manufacturing process.

What Exactly Is Changing On Nutrition Labels?

A Look At New Nutrition Labels
Image credit: Consumer Goods Technology

We’re all familiar with looking at nutrition labels. I have a habit of first glancing at the calories, fat and cholesterol before seeing how much sugar I’ll be consuming. With the changes coming our way — in July 2018 to be exact — a few things are going to “pop out” at us more so than they currently do. Our eyes will be drawn to a few highlighted items: the serving size amount will now be bolded and slightly larger, the calories per serving will be bolded and significantly larger and as mentioned above, in addition to the amount of sugar, there will be a new line listing the amount of “added sugars.”

How Will New Nutrition Labels Affect Manufacturers?

As far as consumers go, this might be a pretty big game changer. These highlighted nutrition facts may change the way people think about certain foods and impact their buying behavior. QAD’s Stephen Dombroski tells us that it’s not all bad for food and beverage manufacturers. These new nutrition label standards can provide opportunities for those in manufacturing. Read his recent article in Consumer Goods Technology, The New Nutrition Label: Challenges and Opportunities.

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