Metalsa's Relationship with QAD ERP

Metalsa, a privately held Mexico-based automotive components manufacturer founded in 1956, is no stranger to QAD ERP. We’ve been working together for nearly two decades to help Metalsa grow their business, coordinate global efforts and become an Effective Enterprise.

Developing a Relationship of Trust and Reliability

“Fifteen years ago we decided to place our trust in a QAD ERP system because of the functionality, ease of implementation and cost, and it has proven to be an excellent decision,” says Hernán Macías, Global CIO of Metalsa. “The relationship Metalsa has with QAD is hard to find in this industry — loyalty, commitment and mutual support. QAD is a proven, reliable solution for Metalsa,” notes Mr. Macías.

The benefits that Metalsa has experienced over the years of a tight-knit relationship with QAD are astounding. They’ve seen standardization across their global locations, 99% improved inventory control, greater visibility throughout the supply chain and a 20% reduction of raw material.

“QAD supports Metalsa in every way. The QAD-Metalsa relationship over the years has been very strong. It is one of trust and a win-win,” commented José Ángel López.

Read the full story on the challenges Metalsa faced before starting their relationship with QAD ERP as well as the benefits they continue to see as we work together to support their business growth.

QAD ERP: A Solution for Global Manufacturing

When you think of ERP software providers, there are probably a few big names that come to mind. We can admit it, we’re not the biggest ERP software vendor in the world, and we’re okay with that. We use it to our advantage to provide for our customers in a way that our competitors can’t. We focus on global manufacturing companies and strive to help each and every customer become an Effective Enterprise. Learn more about QAD’s global, full-featured cloud ERP solution built specifically for manufacturing.