Renolit's erp system upgrade

When choosing an ERP system, one size does not fit all companies, it also doesn’t fit all business units for that matter. In the case of RENOLIT, they are able to utilize the best ERP system based on their various production needs of their diverse business units.


The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. An independent family-owned business founded 70 years ago, they started their company with the aim of substituting conventional materials with highly effective plastic films, and since then, their business has broadened substantially.

Today, their products are used in many different industries throughout the world. Their thermoplastic films provide decorative surface finishes to furniture, building components and consumer electronics. Their products are utilized to seal roofs, underground structures and line swimming pools. RENOLIT also produces films and tubes for medical applications and recyclable composite panels for the building sector and automotive industry. RENOLIT film is a key material for office management supplies, vehicle interiors, self-adhesive products for the graphic design and labeling industry, and in technical products. Throughout the world you will find RENOLIT’s products adding value to other products. In fact, chances are that you’ve interacted today with a RENOLIT product.

RENOLIT’S Challenge: Being Effective While Growing a Widespread Business

RENOLIT maintains a complex business with a global distribution network comprised of eight business units in more than 30 sites on four continents. They found themselves challenged with managing their widespread growth while at the same time trying to maximize their productivity and overall effectiveness. It was after RENOLIT’s acquisition of Solvay that they decided to start evaluating their options. Solvay’s ERP system of choice was QAD. “At the time of the Solvay acquisition RENOLIT only used another ERP system,” comments Martin Klinkert, CIO of RENOLIT. “But we realized the increasing diversity of our product lines was resulting in widely varied manufacturing processes from the complex, with many production steps, to the lighter with just a few. It became apparent our other ERP system might not be the best choice for all our business units after the Solvay acquisition.”

When Using More Than One ERP System Makes Sense

RENOLIT’s central infrastructure was a high priority for them, and their vision was to have most activities of each business unit on one ERP system. They knew they needed to look at each business unit to determine which ERP was best for that unit’s needs. RENOLIT came to the conclusion that it was most effective for the company to utilize more than one ERP system, including QAD.

By choosing this dual ERP strategy for production sites, RENOLIT has been able to maximize the effectiveness of their diverse manufacturing sites by using the most productive ERP system for each. The ease with which various QAD sites can be consolidated and managed in a central structure has also proven an asset as RENOLIT continues to acquire new companies, where they implement QAD, and systematically upgrade their QAD systems. Read the full story here.

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