Who is Sharp Packaging Services?

Sharp Packaging Services provides clinical and commercial packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Their solutions include blister packaging, bottling, pouches, label design and more. Sharp is a global company with over 1,500 employees working in the United States, The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Sharp’s strong emphasis on quality is what drives them to enable their customers to operate effectively. They have a number of quality credentials under their belt, and focus on it through every aspect of their business.


Sharp strives to be the best possible packaging contractor they can be. In order to ensure top quality and safety they take advantage of serialization in order to track and trace the dosage of products going out in the marketplace. This documentation trail is critical, and it has to be perfect. Utilizing serialization ensures the quality that their customers depend on.

Importance of Cloud ERP

Sharp is a growing and evolving company; this means that as they acquire new companies, they need to ensure that they can easily bring them up to speed and run the business holistically, even as their business reaches across the globe. By utilizing their ERP solution in the cloud, Sharp was able to align their organization’s business practices, quality and financial systems quickly and readily all under the same ERP system.

QAD Cloud ERP for the Life Sciences

It’s not an understatement to say that life sciences companies, like Sharp, often have customers whose lives depend on their products. Being able to track and trace pharmaceuticals and medical devices through the supply chain is key for regulatory compliance as well as patient safety.

QAD Cloud ERP enables life sciences manufacturers to reduce the risk of non-compliance, manage supply chain planning, optimize distribution, and integrate quality functions into core business processes. Learn more about how QAD Cloud ERP can help you build the Effective Enterprise: www.qad.com/cloud