Who is Nexteer?

With a history that goes back to 1906 and locations all over the globe, Nexteer Automotive is a global leader in advanced steering and driveline systems. They are a technology-focused company, always looking to match the current trends and demands in the industry.

Nexteer’s Focus on Technology

Technology is what makes Nexteer one of the unique suppliers of steering and driveline systems in the marketplace. They apply technology to deliver quality, product performance, and innovation to their customers. Nexteer has access to a test track in Saginaw, Michigan where their engineers can take the products they are developing and put them to the test in real world applications. They also have a noise, vibration, and acoustic facility where they test all of their systems and components to make sure they meet the needs of their customers. This allows them to have the lowest noise level of any other competitor in the marketplace.

Nexteer’s ERP is in the Cloud

Nexteer’s ERP system operates in the cloud, and that solution has made it an easy process for growing their applications in an efficient manner. They see that by having their critical ERP system in the cloud, they are able to focus on their products and technology and better grow their business in the future as they built the Effective Enterprise.

Manufacturing ERP Software in the Cloud

When deciding to move your ERP to the cloud, it’s much more than a deployment decision, it’s a strategic choice and goes to the heart of how you define your business. QAD Cloud ERP provides you the freedom to focus on your products and customers without the distraction of administering your ERP. Let us manage your hardware and systems, and enjoy the accelerated journey toward the Effective Enterprise.