Who is Royal Agio Cigars?

Royal Agio Cigars (Agio Cigars) is one of the leading cigar manufacturers in Europe. The  company produces more than 750 million cigars per year distributed in more than 100 countries under brands that include Mehari’s, Panter, Balmoral and De Huifkar. With headquarters in Duizel, Netherlands, and the largest cigar factory in Europe, the company employs more than 2,000 people and posts annual turnover of approximately 100 million euros.

Agio’s Challenge With an Obsolete System

For over 50 years, Agio has been using automation to support its business processes. They relied on mostly custom-made software, developed on older technology, and had to make use of one-off spreadsheets to analyze their data. The company was about to start rebuilding their custom-made systems, but luckily, their recently hired CFO, Tom Mens, thought back to his positive experiences with integrated business solutions, and requested a different approach.

Agio Unifies Their Enterprise with QAD ERP

After narrowing down the field to just a few vendors, Agio chose QAD. According to Mens, “We chose QAD because QAD was able to do the complete implementation. Also, QAD Enterprise Applications delivers a proven solution in the food industry, where the processes are similar to ours.” Mens added, “QAD is focused on manufacturing, which makes its applications truly lean. This makes management easier.”

By implementing QAD ERP, Agio saw improved efficiencies in many areas, including elimination of extra work and fewer information silos. They were also able to get more insight and visibility into their business processes through QAD Enterprise Applications.  To read the full story check out the case study: Royal Agio case study.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Designed for Manufacturing

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