Who is Lear?

If you’ve ever been in a car, you’ve touched Lear. Founded in 1917 in Detroit, Michigan, they were originally “American Metal Products,” producing assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries. Currently Lear is known as the world leader in luxury and performance automotive seating. In addition to seating, they also have an electrical division. They produce products for almost every vehicle manufacturer around the world.

As I toured their showroom while shooting this video, it was fascinating to see the diversity of their products. They had seats and components from a very broad range of cars from all over the world. My favorite part was sitting on the seats that go in their high end cars–it was almost like owning a supercar!

Lean Manufacturing with QAD

When speaking to our friends at Lear, I learned that one of their biggest pain points is reducing inventories. In order to keep it under control, they must be very lean. They’ve harmonized all of their ERP applications globally through a series of standardizations. By doing so, they are eliminating inefficiencies and duplicities, thus standardizing their lean manufacturing operations around the globe. With QAD, Lear is building the effective enterprise.

QAD for Automotive Manufacturing

At QAD, we understand that no two manufacturers are alike, and therefore, a one-sized ERP does not fit all. We have ERP solutions built specifically for the automotive manufacturing industry. QAD ERP enables auto suppliers to measure operational performance, meet industry standards like MMOG/LE, support lean manufacturing, optimize the supply chain, and reduce supply chain risk.

Learn more about QAD ERP solutions built for automotive manufacturing.

MMOG/LE Requirements

Do you need help meeting your MMOG/LE requirements? QAD has tools based on best practices to ensure you’re on the right track.

Learn more about global MMOG/LE Standards and how QAD prepares you to meet the standards: www.qad.com/industries/automotive/mmogle