Who is Haigh’s

Haigh’s is a manufacturer of high-end chocolates, and they have been in business for over 100 years. What makes Haigh’s stand out is their focus on customer service as well as their use of premium ingredients to create a chocolate experience above the rest. Last year I traveled out to Adelaide, Australia to visit Haigh’s headquarters, and it was unlike any chocolate experience I’ve had. They take so much pride in every aspect of crafting their chocolates, from sourcing ingredients to handing the finished product to the customer in the retail store, every step is completed with quality and in mind.

Haigh’s Focus on Quality is Key

When speaking to Haigh’s, they told me that their focus on quality control is what makes them so successful in delivering the best product with the best customer service possible. They have high seasonality with their product during Easter and Christmas, and they rely on their ERP system’s ability to deliver live information and provide them with visibility to their stores’ demand. This enables them to take bigger risks during their high seasonality times of the year, and have more visibility on the retail level. Knowing what their stores need and when they need it takes out the guess work, and allows their retail shops to provide the excellent customer service that their customers know so well. Haigh’s move to the cloud made that possible by allowing staff to focus on their core business, not maintaining their ERP system. For more information on how Haigh’s found the balance between expanding technology and keeping tradition by moving to the cloud, see their case study.

ERP Software Solutions Built for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

There’s no question that food and beverage manufacturing is complex. Many manufacturers are dealing with multiple product lines, packaging, and pricing processes in an effort to excel at inventory and supply chain management. All the while, staying true to traditional methods and skills to produce a fresh quality product. Haigh’s move from an on premise ERP solution to the cloud proved to be a strategic choice that enabled them to do just that.  Learn more about the QAD solutions built for food and beverage manufacturing: www.qad.com/industries/food-beverage