Who is CK Technologies?

CK Technologies produces plastic injection parts for the commercial truck and bus industry. These parts are used on exteriors, interiors, and under the hood and provide many part assemblies and specializes in base/clear coat painting capable of custom body color matching. There’s no doubt that you have seen their products drive by on the highway in the form of big rig grills, bumpers, and chassis skirts. To CK Technologies, it’s not just what they are producing that they attribute their success to, but how they do it.

CK Technologies – Founded on Innovation, Growth, and Continuous Improvement

The folks at CK Technologies pride themselves on innovation; they believe it’s what makes them unique among their competition. They’re always looking for ways to improve and build upon what they do. Their goal: do it better, more efficiently, and effectively. Their value of continuous improvement is what keeps them so successful, and they see it as their future in the marketplace.

Building Their Effective Enterprise

In CK Technologies’ low-volume, high variability heavy truck market, they rely on their software to know what they need, and when they need it. QAD Cloud ERP solutions make quick response times and the ability to continuously innovate possible. When talking to them about how they use QAD software, they refer to it not as software, but as “a piece of equipment,” that they depend on to build their products. They use QAD to access all of the data about their business, from reports and financial statements, to find better ways to optimize their current operations. We’re honored to supply some of the “equipment” that goes into their impressive products.

Next time you see a big rig or bus on the road, you’re going to think of CK Technologies!

Learn more about QAD solutions built for industrial manufacturing: www.qad.com/industries/industrial